How It Works

Let us know how big your shipment is

We'll mail a postage paid box to ship your test strips.

Your payment will be placed in line for processing once your shipment is varied.

Sell your diabetic test strips quickly on our website by adding your supplies to the shopping cart on our SELL NOW page.

The shopping cart will calculate your supply total so that you know what your test strips are worth. Assuming you are ready to move forward, complete the registration form and choose your preferred payment method, we will either:

  1. Email you a shipping label (within 24 hours)
  2. Send you a mailing kit that includes a box and label (the kit arrives in 2-7 days)

YOUR SHIPPING IS PREPAID BY US. Then, load your boxes of unused diabetic test strips into a shipping box, attach the label and drop them off at the post office OR hand it to your postal carrier. It will take a few days for us to receive your shipment